The key to becoming a successful player in the modern game of tennis is through quality instruction via on court drills and match play, proper footwork, superior fitness, and a strong mental fortitude.

Match Analysis

Proper match analysis from a current world class coach and former top 60 ATP player is paramount for measuring progress and improving all aspects of the players game. A players performance in practice can be a lot different when compared to playing pressure packed matches. Video analysis of matches with the player and coach reviewing together creates an ideal synergistic platform to maximum progress on and off the court. Michael has more than 25 years of experience analyzing matches, dissecting opponents games, correcting technique, and developing strategy.     


Communication is key when it comes to understanding how to improve on and off the court. Virtual Coaching includes email, text and phone consultations.  Having consistent collaborative feedback allows the player and coach to create a successful program and plan of action.  Discussed topics include pre match strategy, post match review, practice plans and areas of technical development, fitness and nutrition review, recovery methods and tournament scheduling.


Tennis has more variables and adversity than any other sport in the world. Players have to adapt to different surfaces, environmental conditions, playing conditions and different opponents. To be a successful tennis player, players have to learn how to understand and cope with this adversity through mental conditioning. Mental conditioning is extremely important as it trains the player to understand and control their emotions, thoughts, and physical awareness in stressful situations. Through 34 years of playing tennis (17 years on the ATP WorldTour and coaching for 8 years on the ATP WorldTour), Michael has learned different techniques and rituals for adapting to these high stress, adverse conditions on and off the tennis court as well as key motivational methods. Michael will personally work with each player to help them learn different tools and techniques for dealing with adversity as well as different methods for increasing self-confidence and motivation.