All services offered are provided by former Top 60 ATP World Ranking and 17 Year ATP World Tour Player Michael Russell in Houston, Texas. Learn from one of the hardest working, physically fit, most professional players ever to play the game of tennis. Michael offers all of the key aspects which contributed to his success as a junior and collegiate star as well as having one of the longest careers on the ATP WorldTour. Michael has successfully implemented his coaching philosophy with  ATP and WTA professionals as well as with top collegiate, adult and high school players.

  • Develop successful patterns using the correct shot selection
  • Create in-depth match strategies based on the player’s strengths
  • Maximize their game style based on each player’s individual weapon development and physical characteristics
  • Use correct movement patterns through specific tennis and footwork drills
  • Develop explosive speed and power as well as learn optimal recovery and rehabilitation methods
  • Create key words and rituals to help maximize the player’s mental conditioning skills
  • Develop self-confidence and inner strength
  • Create a proper periodization schedule to maximum their training and tournament performance throughout the year


  • Private One on One Tennis Coaching including Stroke Development, Strategy, Point Construction and Match Play
  • On Court Video Stroke Analysis
  • Equipment Analysis/Customization
  • Rehabilitation and Recovery Methods
  • Private one on one Fitness Training
  • Customized Fitness Program
  • Tournament and Training Schedule Analysis
  • Nutrition Consulting
  • Mental Conditioning

Private Tennis Lessons Available

Virtual Tennis Lessons Available


All private lessons are at the Houston Racquet Club (HRC) in Houston, Texas. The HRC has hard courts and clay courts situated in a pristine setting centrally located.